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Clone tribute – Give me Reason

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

video: ” Star Wars SW, the Clone Wars CW “. tunes: ” New Divide ” by ” Linkin Park “. I made this online video amv due to the fact I really like Clones ^^. They fought in a horrible war, but the Jedi gave them the explanation to continue. For me the only correct StarWars are the CloneWars and this will for at any time be so. Specially Episode 3 is completely rubish.

Yet Another Reason Why Today’s Unions Suck: Dues Devour Wage Increases

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

On the eve of Obama’s NLRB unleashing its new guidelines offering unions the ability to hold ambush elections—that is, the evisceration of employers’ potential to query or problem unions in their quest to cherry-pick voting units—more information was just unveiled by the Bureau of Countrywide Affairs that calls into concern why any individual in their proper mind would spend dues to a union nowadays.

In addition to the $ 369 billion in underfunded union (personal-sector) pension ideas, the abundant proof that unions eliminate companies and ruin work, these days’s unions are doing this sort of a miserable task at the a single point they’re supposed to do—negotiate contracts—that union members should demand refunds from their union bosses.

In accordance to the April 9th situation of the Bureau of Nationwide Affairs Daily Labor Report (subscription needed), unions negotiated contracts in 2011 that, in 41% of the contracts, staff obtained no increase in the contract’s 1st year.

While 41% of the contracts negotiated by unions in 2011 contained wage freezes, according to BNA’s survey, of the contracts exactly where increases had been negotiated, the typical wage increase that was obtained for the very first yr was a pathetic one.4%.

According to BNA:

A Bloomberg BNA examination of collective bargaining agreements negotiated in 2011 discovered that the average 1st-12 months wage enhance underneath contracts negotiated last yr was one.four %, when compared with 1.6 % noted in 2010. The common second-yr improve in 2011 was one.7 p.c, in contrast with 2 percent in 2010, and the typical 3rd-year boost was 2.one p.c, in comparison with two.three p.c a calendar year earlier….

Given that union dues for most union members array from close to one.3% to 5% of pay out, the moment union dues are deducted from members’ wages, the negotiated increases unions “achieved” for their members in 2011 are eaten up (and then some) by union dues.

Of course, union bosses continue to blame “the one%” for their failure to garner anything better for their union members.

However, the fact is, nowadays’s unions have grow to be nothing far more than an albatross riding on the backs of task creators and their employees.

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Another Reason Why DRM Is Bad — For Publishers

Monday, April 16th, 2012

As a way of combating unauthorized sharing of electronic files, DRM is especially stupid. It not only doesn’t perform — DRM is often broken, and DRM-a lot less variants rapidly developed — it also makes the official variants a lot less valuable than the pirated kinds, because they are a lot less convenient to use in many techniques. As a outcome, DRM truly tends to make piracy a lot more enticing, which is probably why most of the tunes industry ultimately made a decision to drop it.

Regrettably, the globe of ebooks seems not able to learn from that experience, and insists on creating the very same mistakes by using DRM broadly. But it turns out that there are even a lot more troubles in the publishing domain, as this fascinating tale of how DRM functions as a barrier to entry in the on the web bookstore market place tends to make clear:

In June of 2011, my pal Emily Gould arrived up with an concept for a new sort of on the internet bookstore: a single that would sell only e-books, but would strive to provide the personalized consumer provider and curation of a local independent bookshop.

But there was a dilemma:

Publishers instructed us that if we did not have electronic rights conduite (DRM) technology, they weren’t fascinated in letting us encourage and sell their merchandise. DRM is the set of technologies that encrypt and stop the reproduction of e-book information. A new bricks and mortar bookstore, even the tiniest one, could have simply opened accounts with all the major distributors. But to market digital variations of individuals specific very same books, publishers told us that you have to be a mega company.

That is since DRM is not only irritating for the readers, it truly is also costly for the online booksellers that are compelled to use it:

In buy to supply DRM, you need to have at least $ ten,000 up entrance to cover software, server, and administration costs, additionally ongoing costs linked with the software package. In other words, significantly greater operating bills than a modest enterprise can afford. By demanding merchants to encrypt e-publications with DRM, huge publishers are essentially banning indie stores from the on the web market.

That may just sound like standard massive-business indifference to the plight of small startups, but it is actually worse — it’s suicidal. Techdirt has presently created about a single cause why which is the case: DRM helps lock readers into Amazon’s platform. But the report quoted over supplies us with however one more: lack of opposition in e-book retailing.

there’s an even more persuasive reason that we require indies to exist be found|can in the e-e-book market: The Amazon/Apple in close proximity to-duopoly on e-book profits is cripplingly destructive for viewers, writers, and publishers. The moment 1 of the massive “A”s can freely established the cost of e-books, they can determine the circumstances of the industry for most people. They can charge shoppers anything, pay publishers extremely very little (for who will exist be found|can to market their goods normally?), and go away writers hoping for some little crumb of the pie. Everybody who reads or writes or cares about books has a purpose to assist the existence of a viable choice.

And yet the massive publishers are carrying out the opposite. Their insistence on the deployment of DRM with their publications is creating it difficult for independent online booksellers to flourish, which increases the electricity of the two giants of the sector, hence weakening the bargaining power of the publishers and writers. So DRM turns out to be not only stupid, ineffectual and unfair, but also doubly bad for the extremely firms who blindly insist on its use.

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TJ Miller, “No Real Reason” (DVD) – The Comic's Comic

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Let's just move to the “No Real Reason” DVD , which is where he shines more as a stand-up and as a performer. You hear the CD's “T.J. Miller” track in the background as it opens backstage, with Miller saying no to drugs, then ..

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Networked Politics » Blog Archive » Transportable Dvd Participant

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Transportable Dvd Participant. Lengthy car rides may also be amusing for lots of, for this reason such a lot of folks like to take street trips. Then again, for a child of any age, it is a huge bore

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The Best Way To Rip And Change Dvd Movie Concerning Mac Os …

Friday, December 30th, 2011

With that Mac DVD Ripper, users can moreover get 1: 1 DVD copy which has no quality loss. Because WonderFox DVD Ripper maintain a pool of iPhone 4 for the reason that its output gadget, we can surely picture this DVD …

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ASK Video Reason 6 Getting up to Speed Tutorial DVD

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Reason veterans or owners of previous Reason tutorials should picking up this DVD because it avoids talking about previously covered topics and gets right to the new features and effects.

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ASK Video Reason 6 Getting up to Speed Tutorial DVD

Andy Newbold: A Lonely Voice Of Reason Stands Up To Fox’s Smears Of Occupy Wall Street

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

During tonight’s episode of Fox News’ The Five,
co-host Juan Williams repeatedly attempted to combat
the off-the-wall smears of the Occupy Wall Street movement coming from his co-hosts.

First the hosts condemned Jessie Jackson for comparing the
Occupy Wall Street movement to the Civil Rights movement. Greg Gutfeld described Jackson’s comments as an example of “the
usual suspects fading in relevance, salvaging careers, by exploiting class
envy.” Williams responded by saying that Jackson
was “absolutely right” and pointed out that all great examples of social change in America
had come about because of protests:

WILLIAMS: Yeah, he’s absolutely
right when you think about the idea that there’s
very little change in our country and any society without struggle, without
people putting themselves out. You know, Dr. King used to talk about the idea
of creative struggle, creative tension. That you would create situations with
marches and protests and some cases even break the law. That’s why King went to
jail. You stop and think about things like the Vietnam War movement, you think
about the feminist movement to get votes in this country.

When Gutfeld responded by
calling Occupy Wall Street protesters “annoying,” Williams retorted that if
Gutfeld had been in Birmingham in the ’60s, he would have labeled King a
“northern agitator.”

Bolling also claimed Occupy Wall
Street had no “overall message, that’s the problem.” Williams had to add another dose of sanity to the
discussion after that, pointing out that the overall concern of Occupy Wall
Street is “income inequality” and that is a message that “a good number
of Americans embrace.”

Media Matters for America – County Fair

How to convert DVD to WMV on Mac

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Nowadays, portable devices like mobile phones are not only used to make phone calls, but also delivered powerful multimedia functions like playing DVD movies, which is the reason why we need to convert DVD to WMV on Mac. There are …

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The One Huge Reason Why Amazon Will Not Beat Apple (AMZN, AAPL)

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

genius bar

My Macbook is dying.

Yesterday, the “M” stopped working. My spouse took it to the regional Apple Retailer &mdash it’s only about a 50 % mile away, as an Apple Shop usually looks to be &mdash and they identified that the keyboard required to be changed. It’s already on order.

Then today, it stopped taking a cost.

I took it again to the Apple Store. Turns out that the issue isn’t really the charger, which operates good on other Macs. It really is almost certainly the I/O board, or even worse, the motherboard.

I left it at the Genius Bar. They’ll fix it by up coming week, or allow me know if it cannot be fixed.

With only 1 pc left in the property, and my spouse needing to do some function this night, I was reduced to employing the Galaxy Tab that Google gave me at their I/O conference earlier this yr.

I say “reduced” due to the fact that is how it always feels. I can generally study my Twitter stream and electronic mail fairly effectively, but over and above that it really is awful.

Tonight, the 1st video clip website link I clicked went to a “you want Flash” message. The subsequent led me to a YouTube video that promptly froze up (which transpires regularly). The Facebook app has always been and remains a total catastrophe &mdash it has no way to do items you anticipate to be able to do on the Net or iPhone version (like react to messages), and it hangs or crashes with cryptic error messages virtually every simple session.

And typing on the keyboard requires Everest-sized amounts of endurance &mdash the vehicle-correct is horrible, but turning it off implies you have to keep in mind to capitalize each and every “i” (amusing how lazy you get following a few years of iPhone use).

I have a good deal of persistence for technological innovation &mdash I am outdated adequate to have mucked about with config.sys and Regedit.

But tablets are for consumers. This is a totally unsatisfactory expertise. If I’d acquired this issue, in which would I flip for assist? Google? Samsung? Facebook? Greatest Get, or wherever I bought it?

In brief, who normally requires responsibility for this mess?

So quickly forward a couple of months. I’ve obtained my new Kindle Fire. It really is great &mdash for a even though. Then one thing goes improper. I can’t figure out how to repair it.

In which do I turn for aid?

Am I intended to box it up and send it back to Amazon? That’s a headache. Will they actually aid me? How fast? What occurs if I’m not pleased? (My only expertise with Amazon’s customer services has been abysmal &mdash they delivered the mistaken Christmas present and gave me countless problem when I tried using to get them to change it with the appropriate one. Ideally they have discovered one thing from Tony Hsieh.)

With an iPad, you will find no problem what to do. Take it to the Apple Shop in which you bought it. If it really is below warranty, they’re going to repair it or substitute it for free. If it is not, they will check out to correct it, but you may have to shell out. If they cannot resolve it, properly, you will find a whole new line of shiny gizmos for you to purchase proper there.

Amazon will offer a whole lot of Kindles this vacation period. It has a lot of experience in on the web companies. It knows how to do fulfillment. With a couple Kindle revisions out of the way, it is aware how to do hardware and software quite nicely. The price is correct.

But it is even now no menace to Apple because Apple has verified that it will take total obligation for its merchandise. It can do this simply because it controls the entire encounter, from the instant you stroll in to make a purchase to the last dying breath of the gadget it offered you.

As far as the other Android tablets go, yeah, they are really genuinely lifeless (at least until Google turns Motorola into its dedicated hardware division). Excellent riddance to negative rubbish.

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